VIDEO: Natalie and the Alpacas

Hello seekers! I wonder, how often do you have a crack at something new? Learning a new craft or maybe had a go at playing a musical instrument you have never tried before? It can be daunting when you first set out, but exciting, too, as you see your creations take shape – even if the first results are a little on the wonky side.

This year I have thrown myself into learning a new craft and it is time to share my first creation with you (gulp!).  My new thing is video production, and although I have years of media experience under my belt as a print journalist and digital producer, telling stories through film is a whole new world to me. I have gone back to school to learn the in’s and out’s of the craft and I’ll bet you won’t be surprised to hear that my first student productions are centred around documenting other creatives at work!

This first mini-documentary tells the story of a creative friend of mine who is also learning a new craft. I hope you enjoy the story of Natalie and her merry flock of alpacas.

Crafting with the Alpacas from Megan Kinninment on Vimeo.

The Alpacas was broadcast as a segment in the Odd Socks Live Variety TV Show from the Norpa Theatre, Lismore. Odd Socks was produced by students and teachers of the Diploma in Screen and Media at Lismore Tafe.

For a limited time, the livestream of that event is still available to watch here:

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