The humble tree house

Treehouse Present
Oh, for a big old tree in the backyard and a treehouse for my kids to climb… I dream of this. Did you have one when you were young? With no suitable tree on our small urban block, we may have to settle for a land-based cubby house at our place,  but that didn’t stop me from taking a wishful tour through Flickr for inspiration.
Kids Fantasy Land

Simple, rustic.


Divine and magical – look at the swing, so beautiful.


Solid. Two-storey.

Cool Treehouse


Modern Tree House



How sweet is this one? Love heart shutters 🙂
First treehouse, Arlington, November 1975

Vintage treehouse climbers! This pic was dated 1975
Tree House

Not sure about the vaseline-blur style of the photo… but the treehouse is cool. With a slippery dip, too.
Steam Punk Treehouse

One for the big kids – Steam Punk Treehouse @ Burning Man festival, 2007.


Dutch – with climbing wall.
My Childhood Treehouse

My very favourite, another vintage one. The photo has this caption: “My Childhood Treehouse. Yes, it was as dangerous as it looks. Three full levels. The bottom floor was “jail.” I spent most of my time there.”


Image Source: All images sourced through Flickr Creative Commons-licenses – click on any of the photos for full attribution)

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