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Seeker’s Sightseeing Tour

Seeker of the Lost Arts has lined up a bumper Australian art and photography sightseeing tour for you today. Enjoy! Stopover 1: Sydney At Last – The Seventies While Sydneysiders have been lapping up the brilliant high-tech Vivid Festival light spectacular this week, if I were visiting old Sydney town I would be making a…


Artist Studio Tour : Claire Atkins

Rainbow lorikeets are blissfully chattering away amid the blossoms of a flowering tea tree as I arrive at the studio of North Coast ceramic artist, Claire Atkins. I am here to photograph a portfolio of new images for her arts business; Pinky and Maurice Contemporary Ceramics, and to get my fix on one of my…


Selfies through the Ages

Another day, another selfie hashtag emerges.  More recent tags  include “no makeup selfie’, “selfie after sex”, “selfie at a funeral” and today  I came across this hilarious headline: “Kim Kardashian attacked by a baby elephant while taking a selfie in Thailand”. (Don’t try that one at home, kids.) Selfie was named word of the year by…

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