The abandoned UFO pods of Taiwan

The “Futura” transportable home was designed to look and act like a spaceship; landing and taking off from a site with ease. Matti Suuronen, an architect from Finland designed the UFO-like pre-fabricated homes to be easily constructed and deconstructed, or even flown whole by helicopter or plane from one destination to the next as the…


The 15ft Origami Dinosaur with Googly Eyes

Most kids would have tried their hand at a bit of origami – a paper aeroplane, maybe a paper crane or perhaps one of those chatterbox games… How about a 15ft (4.5metre) cardboard origami dinosaur? Betcha haven’t tried making one of those, huh? No, me neither,  but it looks like fun – once you get the hang of industrial-strength…


The painted elephants of Rajasthan

When I first stumbled across these photos of  India’s annual festival of the elephants I thought they were stunningly beautiful – and yet also unsettling. The beauty, colour, texture, culture and history evoked is combined  with nagging questions of animal treatment. Unsettling and intriguing – the hallmarks of powerful photography… There is a long history…


The 1936 letterpress machine found on a veranda

WALKING into calligrapher and letterpress designer Sabine Pick’s studio in Byron Bay means taking a step back in time. Taking pride of place in Sabine’s light-filled space in Byron Bay’s Arts and Industry Estate is a 1936 C&P platen letterpress printer, a solid-steel, rusty toned contraption that weighs a tonne and is entirely manually operated….

mystery hike feature image

The mystery hikes of 1932

In 1932 five mystery hikes around Sydney were organised by the railways, with the department store F.J. Palmer and Sons as the commercial sponsor. Hikers purchased a two-shilling train ticket and joined a train from Central Station to a mystery destination. The hikes, held on Sundays, were enormously popular. The first Mystery Hike was from…


The humble tree house

Oh, for a big old tree in the backyard and a treehouse for my kids to climb… I dream of this. Did you have one when you were young? With no suitable tree on our small urban block, we may have to settle for a land-based cubby house at our place,  but that didn’t stop me…

piraes 1

The silver treasure rediscovered by pirates

Silver spoons reinvented into modern jewellery using the age old craft of silver smithing: welcome to the world of Pirates Dreaming, an artisan studio based in Northern NSW. Here old and discarded treasures are melted and reinvented;  carved, cut and polished into new works of wearable art. The makers, Aaron and Adelaide, travel like gypsies…

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The Victory Gardens

Once the call-to-action of governments during World War ll, victory gardening is making a comeback.  Victory gardens in suburbia were created in Australia, Britain and the USA during WW ll as a solution to food shortages during the war. In January 1942 the Prime Minister, John Curtin, launched “Dig for Victory”, a publicity campaign urging…

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