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Friends, Queenslanders, Countrymen: Lend me your Pineapples

When the Seeker is called upon to help unite the pineapples of the world, the Seeker acts.  After all, I am the self-appointed champion of the Lesser Known Small Pineapple of Ballina and in the spirit of all things pineapple, I am pleased to share the following news: Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern…


The abandoned UFO pods of Taiwan

The “Futura” transportable home was designed to look and act like a spaceship; landing and taking off from a site with ease. Matti Suuronen, an architect from Finland designed the UFO-like pre-fabricated homes to be easily constructed and deconstructed, or even flown whole by helicopter or plane from one destination to the next as the…


The painted elephants of Rajasthan

When I first stumbled across these photos of  India’s annual festival of the elephants I thought they were stunningly beautiful – and yet also unsettling. The beauty, colour, texture, culture and history evoked is combined  with nagging questions of animal treatment. Unsettling and intriguing – the hallmarks of powerful photography… There is a long history…


Selfies through the Ages

Another day, another selfie hashtag emerges.  More recent tags  include “no makeup selfie’, “selfie after sex”, “selfie at a funeral” and today  I came across this hilarious headline: “Kim Kardashian attacked by a baby elephant while taking a selfie in Thailand”. (Don’t try that one at home, kids.) Selfie was named word of the year by…

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