Seeker’s Sightseeing Tour

Seeker of the Lost Arts has lined up a bumper Australian art and photography sightseeing tour for you today. Enjoy! Stopover 1: Sydney At Last – The Seventies While Sydneysiders have been lapping up the brilliant high-tech Vivid Festival light spectacular this week, if I were visiting old Sydney town I would be making a…


Artist Studio Tour : Claire Atkins

Rainbow lorikeets are blissfully chattering away amid the blossoms of a flowering tea tree as I arrive at the studio of North Coast ceramic artist, Claire Atkins. I am here to photograph a portfolio of new images for her arts business; Pinky and Maurice Contemporary Ceramics, and to get my fix on one of my…


All aboard the Seeker’s Sightseeing Tour

Places to see, people to meet. Let’s take whizz around the Internet on the inaugural Seeker’s Sightseeing Tour.  No passport required. Stopover 1:  Cape Town, South Africa In 1996 a palm tree appeared almost overnight in a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. This was supposedly one of the world’s first ever disguised cell phone…


Friends, Queenslanders, Countrymen: Lend me your Pineapples

When the Seeker is called upon to help unite the pineapples of the world, the Seeker acts.  After all, I am the self-appointed champion of the Lesser Known Small Pineapple of Ballina and in the spirit of all things pineapple, I am pleased to share the following news: Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern…


The artist who lives in an egg

  Dear Easter Bunny: Forget the chocolate, buddy. This is the kind of egg I would like to find in our backyard egg hunt this Easter, please. “If you are looking for an intimate hideaway, a stylish chill-out room, a zen space or luxury glamping pad then The Egg can provide the ideal solution. Locate…

The wood turner and the story of the long lost lathe

The wood turner and the story of the long lost lathe

  The wooden bowl can be traced back to medieval times and was the standard eating vessel for 1000 years. Every town had its own wood turner. In 1958 one of England’s last traditional wood turners died – and with him centuries of knowledge on how to use a simple, foot powered lathe. Decades later…

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